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KD7 3D Face Recognition remote control Smart door Lock

smart lock

KD7 3D Recognition Face remote control Smart door Lock

KD7 3D Face Recognition remote control Smart door Lock

KXKL-KD7  vein entrance door smart lock

Finger vein unlocking, using the structure of finger vein for identification. Compared with the dominant biological information,such as fingerprints and faces, the venous information that refers to vein recognition is deep in the body, so it is safe and can not be copied, and there is no need to worry about theft and unlocking. Finger vein unlock can take care of some fingerprint is not obvious, fingerprint wear and other users, treat the elderly at home, children, fingerprint characteristics are not obvious users, is better

  • Door Type Wood door, Steel door, Stainless Steel door, Aluminum door, Brass door
  • Place of Origin Guangdong, China
  • Model Number KD7
  • basic function unlock key+card+password+fingerprint
  • extra function camera
  • Application Home Hotel Apartments Office
  • Battery 4200 Mah Lithium Battery
  • Material Aviation Aluminum+glass panel
  • Feature Fully Automatic Opening

A variety of unlocking methods, say goodbye to the trouble of forgetting the key


Stay capture function, strangers stay in front of the door for 15 seconds will automatically capture and push the video to 

your phone, you can use the voice intercom function to warn, for girls, the elderly and children alone at home very suitable


3D face recognition unlocking, back home a quick eye 0.5 seconds unlocking, true 

binocular camera, with wide Angle,family height is not affected, photos, videos can not 

be opened, more secure