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Plus122 Sliding Landscape Window

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Plus122 Sliding Landscape Window


1.profile thickness:2.0mm;       

2. glass:5mm-15mm

3.Max width:1600mm               

4.Max height:3000mm

5.Max bearing weight:180KG



1.Wind Load Resistance: LV.9 ;   

2.Airtight: LV.8,

3.watertight: LV.9                     

4.heat preservation: LV.6

5.soundproof: LV.6


  • wall width 122cm
  • Profile materials 6063-T5
  • Color Powder Coated
  • Hardware siegenia
  • Door Material aluminum alloy
  • Opening Method flat push
  • Glass Specification double Pane Tempered Clear Glass
  • Application resident
  • HS Code 7610100000

Product Selling Points

1. Crafted from premium 6060-T66 aluminum alloy, renowned for its exceptional hardness and superior resistance to corrosion, our product exemplifies durability and longevity.
2. Embracing the elegance of minimalist design principles, our product features a discreetly concealed fan, elevating its aesthetic appeal to new heights of sophistication and refinement.
3. Incorporating a meticulously engineered lower drainage system and meticulously crafted inner and outer flat frames, our product ensures impeccable sealing and swift drainage, effectively mitigating the risk of rainwater backflow while enhancing both its visual allure and practical functionality.
4. Equipped with top-tier imported hardware and boasting a design that prioritizes dry and wet separation, our product boasts a reduced stress short handle wheelbase, ensuring not only enhanced quality and safety performance but also remarkable energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and long-term durability.
5. Adhering to the stringent specifications of the new national standard 2.0 wall thickness, our product enhances its structural resilience and load-bearing capacity through increased aluminum material thickness, thereby enhancing overall safety and peace of mind.
6. Engineered with independently developed heat insulation strips renowned for their exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation properties, our product stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in design.
7. Featuring a generously proportioned floor-standing opening, our product offers versatile functionality, accommodating various opening methods including electric and manual options to cater to diverse user preferences and requirements.
8. Beyond its aesthetic and functional merits, our product optimizes natural lighting in innovative ways. Unlike conventional outward-opening window types, our design ensures a continuous influx of sunlight regardless of the sun's angle, thanks to its strategically positioned opening gap, thereby eliminating any potential for complete glass occlusion.
9. Facilitating optimal ventilation, our product boasts strategically positioned gaps around the opening fan, promoting effortless air circulation, maximizing air exchange, and infusing interiors with fresh, invigorating air while enhancing safety and stability.
10. Moreover, our product serves as a reliable solution for fire smoke exhaust, thanks to its intelligently designed openings that facilitate unimpeded smoke ventilation without compromising on safety or performance.
11. With its sleek and orderly facades, our product has garnered widespread acclaim among architects and project owners alike, particularly in prestigious office building projects, where its blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal continues to captivate discerning audiences.
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