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Plus162 Panorama Two Tracks Frameless Sliding Door

sliding door

Plus162 Panorama Two Tracks Frameless Sliding Door


1.profile thickness:10mm;       

2. glass:8mm

3.Max width:within 6000mm               

4.Max height:within 6000mm

5.Max bearing weight:1200KG



1.Wind Load Resistance: LV.9;   

2.Airtight: LV.8,

3.watertight: LV.6                     

4.heat preservation: LV.6

5.soundproof: LV.6


The 162/248 panoramic two-track narrow-side sliding door series provides the best flexibility for project planning and meets the needs of various scenarios.

The thermal insulation structural insulation material in the 162/248 panoramic two-track narrow-sided sliding door series is located inside the window, which

can be processed into the window frame and can be easily installed using smart snap-in technology.

  • wall width 162cm
  • Color black,silver,white
  • Door Material aluminum alloy
  • Opening Method sliding
  • hardware ruiwu
  • HS Code 7610100000
  • Function Heat Insulation, Soundproof, Anti-Theft, Airproof, Insect-proof, Dust-proof
  • delivery time 15-30days

Product Selling Points

1. Versatile Installation Options: Our product offers flexibility in installation, whether it's on exposed rails or hidden rails. Choose the method that best suits your needs, ensuring seamless integration into your space while maintaining functionality and aesthetic appeal.
2. Innovative Corner Design: With the option for a 90-degree column-free corner, you have the freedom to reimagine your layout and expand your space effortlessly. Unlock new possibilities for design and utilization, creating a more spacious and inviting environment for various applications.
3. Customizable Opening Methods: Enjoy the convenience of choosing from a range of opening methods tailored to your specific requirements. Whether it's electrically operated for effortless functionality or manually operated for added control, our product adapts to meet your unique needs with ease and precision.
4. Robust Fan Capability: Each individual fan boasts an impressive weight capacity of up to 1.2 tons, ensuring stability and power for reliable operation. Experience peace of mind knowing that our product can withstand heavy loads without compromising performance or safety.
5. Durable Construction: Crafted from solid aluminum measuring 1 cm in thickness, our product guarantees safety, reliability, and an extended service life. Built to withstand the rigors of daily use and environmental factors, it offers long-lasting performance and peace of mind for years to come.
6. Enhanced Safety Features: Our product features an independently developed safety lock body, ensuring ease of operation and peace of mind. Experience smooth and effortless opening and closing motions, coupled with enhanced security measures for added confidence in everyday use.
7. Flexible Leaf Options: With the ability to accommodate two, three, four, or six leaves, our product offers versatility in design and functionality. Choose the configuration that best suits your space and usage requirements, ensuring maximum adaptability and convenience for a wide range of applications.
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