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T138 Panoramic Hidden Sliding Window

sliding window

T138 Panoramic Hidden Sliding Window


1.profile thickness:1.6-2.0mm     

2. glass:5mm+12A+5mm


3.Max width:within 500-1200mm               

4.Max height:within 800-1600mm

5.Max bearing weight:60-90KG



1.Wind Load Resistance: LV.9 ;   

2.Airtight: LV.8 ,

3.watertight: LV.6                       

4.heat preservation: LV.8

5.soundproof: LV.6

  • wall width 138cm
  • Color white,black,silver
  • Hardware stainless steel handle
  • Glass Specification single/double tempered glass
  • Opening Method sliding
  • Application Villa,Hotel ,Apartment,resident
  • HS Code 7610100000
  • design wool strip,cloth frame

Product performance

Wind Load Resistance: LV.9
Airtight: LV.8
Watertight: LV.6
Heat preservation: LV.8
Soundproof: LV.6

Product parameters

Profile wall thickness: 1.6-2.0mm
Glass configuration: 5mm+20A+5mm 6mm+18A+6mm
Applicable range of fan width: 500-1200mm
Applicable range of fan height: 800-1600mm
Load-bearing application range: 60-90kg

Product Selling Points

1. Immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled spaciousness with our exceptionally narrow design, where the fan width measures a mere 3 cm. This revolutionary approach expands your field of vision to extraordinary levels, inviting you to savor life's moments and revel in the boundless joy that comes with an expansive vista.
2. Elevate your living experience with our customizable insulating glass options, including the impressive 5+20A+5 configuration. This extra-large insulating glass not only enhances sound insulation but also delivers superior heat retention, creating a sanctuary of tranquility and comfort within your home or workspace.
3. Embrace the essence of thoughtful design with our optional clothes drying rack, seamlessly integrated with a window sill for added convenience and functionality. This human-centered feature not only serves as a practical solution for drying clothes but also adds a touch of refinement to your daily life, epitomizing the harmonious blend of form and function.

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